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To win and run a campaign for all of us, we need LOTS of help, and are depending on people like you. Sign up for our email list to stay up to date on upcoming volunteer opportunities, campaign events, and more!

Volunteer for us!

We are a small but mighty grassroots campaign, powered by everyday people like you.
Here are some ways you can get involved -

Have a conversation about Randi with a friend.

Write a Letter to the Editor in your local paper.

Connect with our other volunteers!

Advocate for Randi on social media.

All of our volunteer materials are updated regularly. Other ideas for how to help Randi? Send us a message!

Let's Chat!

I am running to be your representative, to amplify your voice and the issues our district cares about. What do you love about our district and what needs to change?

Please send me a message and let me know what is important to you!

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District Events:

I look forward to meeting you!

JUNE 2024 - 

  • June 6 - Iron County Meet & Greet, Ironton Courthouse Gazebo, 5:30pm

  • June 8 - Booth at the Jefferson County Rodeo with Jessie Shepherd for State House Rep

  • June 15 - Perry County Meet & Greet at the Veterans Memorial Pavilion, Perryville, 12-3pm

  • June 22 - MDP State Delegate Convention, Columbia

  • June 29 - Jamboree with JoJo Stewart for State House Rep, West Plains, 1pm

  • June 29 - Bootheel PLUS Rally, Dexter, 6pm

JULY 2024 - 

  • July 13 - Phelps County Democrats Stump Picnic, Lion's Club Park

  • July 28 - Truman Day Democrat Breakfast, Crocker, Missouri, 11am

AUGUST 2024 - 


*updated regularly, contact me if you have an event!

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