“I'm running for Congress because Southeast Missouri deserves a voice that fights for our values." 


    My Name is Randi McCallian and I am running for U.S. Congress in Missouri's 8th district because I believe our government should work for us, and not corporate greed. It's been too long since investments were made in rural areas; imagine if our tax money was used to revive our communities, rather than bailout corporate failures. I'm ready to do the work to invest here at home, in our jobs, healthcare, and children.

    I grew up in a large, blended, military family as the oldest sibling; early in my life I learned lessons in leadership, organizing chaos, and long-term commitment. I also deeply understood the value of support, and I saw that too many people didn't have enough of it. When families don't have a huge network of support, it's harder to thrive.


    I graduated from Drake University, in Iowa, with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Biology. I had started college planning to study viruses, but left with a desire to support people. I worked as an in-home educator for children and teens with developmental and behavioral challenges, and then with parents and children in Early Head Start. A passion for supporting families through pregnancy and postpartum, led to becoming a certified birth doula and Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. Years of this professional work revealed a frustrating truth: too many families encounter overwhelming barriers when all they want to do is help their children thrive.

“It felt like so much of government policy made the lives of families tougher ... or ignored our needs altogether.”


    I went to graduate school to better understand the scope of the problem and what was being done to make it better. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida, where I also worked in a state perinatal quality collaborative to improve hospital care for infants, and later as the Director of a multi-state maternal and child health program for farm-working families. My own challenging journey into motherhood deepened a conviction to make childhood and parenting better for our nation's families.

    As my experience grew, I began reaching out to elected officials and speaking out to shape local government. I wrote emails and spoke at public meetings about the pressing issues I care deeply about: healthcare, the well-being of children and families, the environment, and economic opportunity. Volunteering with non-profit organizations and supporting local campaigns ultimately led me to run for the State Legislature in Colorado; where I learned that the problem with corporate over-reach in our lives and government is one issue we all unite on.

“Corporations and their trillions of dollars have too much power over our daily lives; from the choices we can make in the grocery store, to the choices on our ballots.
Our movement is about taking that power back.”

    My husband, Chase, and I wanted to leave the city and start a regenerative farm - when the pandemic plowed into all of our lives we decided the move would come sooner, rather than later. Strong family ties, and the gorgeous rocky-forest-hills of Missouri, called to us strongly. I quickly joined a number of local groups and ultimately started my own Legislative Tracking Work-Group in the Rolla area to encourage people to engage with their State Legislators about policy. When this team of folks realized there wouldn't be Democrats on the ballot in a number of our districts, we stepped up to run.


    I am running for Congress because I can clearly see that hard-working people, and our rural communities, are struggling to make-it. There is too much focus on the value of corporate profit, and not enough on the value of people and what we create. I value YOU and your family, our friends and neighbors, the small business owners, our farms and their farmers, healthcare workers and caregivers --the hard-working people that make up Missouri's 8th district.

“I hope you'll join our movement!
Let's win the 8th for the people!”

    Reading fiction, crafting, and cuddling with animals are a few of my hobbies; as well as spending time on the farm planting trees and managing an unruly forest. I volunteer with the PTO at my daughter’s school, and we foster cats for the St. Robert Kitten Division. Past volunteer experience includes: President of the Maternal and Child Health Student Organization at the University of South Florida, and leading the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition.


“It may be said that this district is a hard one for us to win ...
that really just means there is so much more for us to gain.”